20 de novembro de 2008

Impressões de um holandês sobre São Paulo

Conversando com um holandês que esteve no Brasil, pude receber um dos mais belos relatos sa minha São Paulo, de uma forma que nem mesmo eu havia enxergado (e olha que tenho um olhar bastante crítico). Fiquei admirado com a riqueza de detalhes usada para descrever o que viu e sentiu andadno pelos bairros da capital paulistana.

"The city center doesn't seem to be where the nice parts are. It seems kind of dingy and dirty there, with congestion, narrow streets and street kids. The more vibrant and sophisticated areas are located in the west end of town. Avenida Paulista & Avenida 9 de Julho are two of the city's main axes, and the areas south and west of where they cross seem to be the most urban and chic (Consolacão, Bela Vista & Jardins are some names of those neighborhoods).

Higienopolis is a mostly Jewish area, also in the west end of town. Through New York probably tops it in terms of diversity, Sao Paulo is very ethnically diverse, with strong Portuguese, Italian, African, German, Jewish, Lebanese, Korean and Chinese communities (not an exhaustive list, to be sure). Most people seem to be a mix of more than one, and retain their separate identities while being Brazilian at the same time. There is certainly a strong sense of national identity here, with loads of Brazilian flagsa on t-shirts, sandals, hung on walls, etc. Besides, the US, Brazil is a diverse country, but its nice...kind of like home, but everyone seems happier and is way better looking, and the sense of nationalism doesn't freak you out as if a Nazi demonstration were about to occur.


It's sort of a funny-sounding language, which I say with the utmost respect and affection. The Rs are like Hs, so Rio is pronounced Hee-Oh. Better still, is that they add a long E to the end of many works, and all foreign words seem to take this ending. For example, flat, iPod, and crowd, are all used in English done in Brazilian style, and are pronounced Flatchee, Ay-Pogee and crowdgee, respectively. I chuckle every time I hear one for the first time. But seriously, it's a very beautiful langauge, with soft sounds and a musical way of speaking, and many words have very rich meanings; that is, one word is used to mean lots of things.."

Achei a descrição sobre a língua portuguesa bastante intrigante, pois é o tipo de análise que um brasileiro não consegue fazer sobre seu próprio idioma.

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