14 de julho de 2012

Brazilians are happy and warm :P

Um amigo francês que trabalha no Departamento de Energia dos Estados Unidos veio ao Brasil para participar de um congresso em São Paulo. 

 Ele me mostrou os tópicos divulgados aos estrangeiros na tentativa de ambientá-los mais rapidamente ao universo paulistano e evitar que caiam em furadas.

No geral, os itens são objetivos e até gentis, vide o número 10. 

1 -If flying into São Paulo from abroad, you'll likely land at Guarulhos International Airport (GRU). On your arrival on July 7 and 8, there will be receptionists at the arrival terminal lobby to help on your transfer to the hotel or any other destination. Located 40 km from the city center, the airport has two terminals that are served by Brazilian and international airlines. A taxi co-operative, Guarucoop, has monopoly on cabs leaving Guarulhos. They are plentiful and the queue is outside the arrival terminal. Up to three people can take a taxi. Credit-card users can pay for their journey in advance at the booth just outside of the terminal door, although it's useful to have local currency as not all international credit or debit cards will work at all businesses in Brazil. Expect to pay about R$ 140 (US$ 70) for a trip to Hotel Transamérica. Passengers can ask to see the tabela, which shows the fares for each neighborhood. 

2 - If you, for any reason, arrive at the São Paulo Domestic Airport (CGH), you should follow the Taxi signs after you leave the baggage claim room. In São Paulo special Taxis are white and orange, while regular taxis are white with lateral stripes made of yellow and black squares. To the Hotel Transmérica the taxi fare is near R$ 50 (US$ 25) and the trip is 30 min long. Pay what you see on the display. 

3 – On Sunday afternoon, from 2:30 PM to 5:30 PM, the secretariat will be open for registration at the Hotel Transamérica. Free shuttle buses from the official hotels will be provided. 

4 - On July 8th, at 7:30 PM, a welcome reception to all congress delegates is scheduled to take place at the astonishing Sala São Paulo, which has been consistently ranked as one of the top 5 concert halls in the world. This unique space is the main foyer of São Paulo´s Central Station that was refurnished and turned into a magnificent concert house. Today it is home to the São Paulo Symphonic Orchestra, labeled as one of the 10 finest orchestras in the world. From 7:00 PM, free shuttle buses from the official hotels will be provided. 

5 - The weather forecast for the WCCM week is sunny with temperatures in the range 15o-25o C (60o -85o F). 

 6 - The Brazilian currency is Real (plural Reais) with symbol R$. The present rate is US$ 1 = R$ 2 or € 1 = R$ 2,50. 

7 - Brazilian language is Portuguese, which is the 5th most spoken language in the world. 

8 - Brazil uses the metric system, the 24 hour format and comma instead of dot in numbers. 

9 - In São Paulo the electric appliances are 110V. 

10 - Brazilians are happy and warm. They like foreign people and are very helpful, although few Brazilians can speak English.

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